Sacred Circle Drumming Experience

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Experience the power, healing, fun, deep listening & meditation at the Sacred Drumming Circle with Jane Anderson of Sage Drums. We are all one and all connected in Sacred Space. No ego resides here as we open to listen to receive the wisdom, learn to play our Medicine Drums and the many songs and chants that go with them.
The songs and chants are prayers, that we sing without fear of what we sound like, and let go.
Medicine Circle has nothing to do with what we sound like, it is the intent and magic behind the words that is integral and important. Like ripples on a pond, the songs, sounds, beats and vibrations reach out and touch those in need.
As we heal, we help bring healing for the greater good.
Healthy vegetarian lunch, teas and coffee are included in this full day of Sacred Sharing.
Concession Rate $89, Waged $109
To secure your space a non-refundable deposit of $50 can be made to
Jane Anderson
BSB 067105
Account 10380812

215 Dalmayne Road
Grey 7215
Visit Website
Sunday 9th Apr '23 9:30AM 3:30AM

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