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Keefers Cottage

Keefer’s Cottage is self-contained, one-bedroom accommodation. It features a luxurious queen bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a light, spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower, laundry facilities, a wide-screen plasma television, DVD player and selection of movies, a sound dock to enjoy your own music, secluded private gardens and an established orchard and olive grove.

Ideal for couples, Keefer’s Cottage is just a stroll to Swansea’s pristine conservation beaches and a short drive to the world-famous Freycinet National Park. So commune with nature and leave city life behind as you experience the serene Keefer’s Cottage.

Swansea is a one-and-three-quarter-hour drive (135 kilometres / 84 miles) from Hobart on the East Coast.

RA 74 Tasman Highway
Swansea 7190
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