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South Sister Look Out Track

The South Sister summit would be the most commonly walked track on South Sister. Locals are often seen climbing the summit and many take their visitors there to show off the fantastic panoramas of the area.
Likewise tourists, including tour groups which pass through St Marys on a regular basis, also make the effort to climb to the top. The climb to the summit starts at the carpark which is about 2 kilometres from the start of the South Sister Road.
The road has been upgraded in parts but the last part is steep and rather rocky so drive slowly. The walk is fairly steep and takes about 10 to 15 minutes one way. The track makes its way through ferns, rocks, past pepper bushes and cheesewoods. There are breathtaking views on the way up and even better views once you are at the summit which stands at 831 m. It is often cold and windy at the top so take a coat.

Unamed Road
St Marys 7215
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