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Tasman Sea Salt’s The Salt Sommelier

Join us for a tour of our innovative clean energy saltworks followed by paired tastings of our uniquely Tasmanian sea salts and salt mixes with local ingredients.

Enjoy an immersive and informative tour of the saltworks, learning how we use naturally occurring energy to harvest our pure sea salt flakes, through a production process that is the only one of its kind in the world.

Afterwards, we’ll dive into the world of sea salt at the Mayfield Cellar Door. Find out about the importance of sea salt, both for our bodies and as a seasoning, how it impacts the flavour and the way we taste food, and why this humble mineral has been responsible for the rise and fall of empires.

Enjoy this immersive experience while sampling a selection of small bites pairing our sea salts with locally sourced produce.

Adults will receive a box of our signature Natural Flakes, 250g to take home.

97 Mayfield Jetty Road
Little Swanport 7190
0417 282 026
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