Why wait for summer? A winter holiday tale.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of going on a holiday? That moment when you’re finally on your way, you’ve left everyday life behind, and all the nagging little thoughts about whether you’ve packed everything, or if work really can cope without you, or if you really have time to take a holiday at all, just drift away.

That moment of arrival is different for everyone. For Mike and Julia, that moment comes when they round a bend in the road near Orford, and the east coast opens up before them like a page from an adventure storybook.

Whatever that moment is, if it happens on Tasmania’s east coast, I guarantee it will be one you’ll want to repeat again and again and again. Just like Mike and Julia. Here’s a little snippet of their story for you to watch…

Summer is a distant memory

Around this time of year, that delicious holiday feeling can start to seem like a distant memory. Summer’s over, work and school are back in full swing, and the chill edge of winter is beginning to draw closer.  Which is exactly why now is the perfect time to pack up and take a break.  After all, why wait for summer?

Tasmania’s east coast is one of life’s great journeys—Australian Traveller has just rated a road trip along this 220-kilometre stretch of coastline at number two on their list of Australia’s 100 greatest holidays. This diverse slice of Tasmania, from Buckland in the south to the Bay of Fires in the north, is a destination that will rewrite your concept of time and flick your internal switch from go hard to just stop, the moment you arrive.

This is a place where real holidays happen, at any time of year. And you’ll find that luscious, I’ve-left-the-world-behind feeling in all kinds of unexpected moments—as you weave your way along quiet coastal roads, or when you look out over your first stretch of white sand and blue water, or when you first taste the salty ocean air on your tongue. Or it could be when sip your first glass of sparkling east coast wine, or savour your first freshly shucked east coast oyster, still dripping seawater from its shell.

Whenever it happens, all of a sudden you’ll realise that whatever you left behind doesn’t matter any more, that you can’t remember the last time you checked your phone, and that taking a holiday was in fact the best use of your time…even though, you’re not even sure you know (or care) what time it is anymore…

DSC_6080 post

That’s the mark of a real holiday. And that is exactly what Tasmania’s east coast gives—in spades.

Hope you get a chance to just stop soon.


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