5 things you can do to take a break in Spring on Tasmania’s east coast

5 good things to do in spring

How I love spring.

I love its longer days and bright light, its hopeful new green growth and the swathes of colour it brings to gardens and landscapes. I love its tempestuous nature too—all those bracing spring breezes that carry the scent of flowers and remind me that summer will soon be here.

I’m not usually one to hibernate, but sometimes I do need a little nudge to shift my indoorsy winter habits and to remind myself of all the good things waiting for me beyond my door.

Well, there’s nothing (in my opinion) like a good list, and so, over the coming weeks, this blog will focus on Five Good Things that you can discover, experience or seek out on the east coast. And in honour of the new, and very welcome, warmth of spring, I though we should start by going outside. Five Spring Things

1. Take to the sea

Okay, so this may be an obvious one, but that’s because the east coast is a mecca for anyone who loves the water, at all times of the year. There are 220 kilometres of gorgeous coastline here, waiting to be explored and enjoyed, and east coast towns are crammed with people who can help you do it.

Take your pick from cruising, sailing, sea kayaking, fishing charters, diving, sea-based wildlife tours, and swimming if you’re eager to get wet. The east coast’s inland rivers and streams offer fantastic freshwater fishing as well and the coast is dotted with boat ramps for you to launch your own craft. We have the world’s very best beaches here too—a simple stroll or swim at a long, white east coast beach can become an experience that will live in your memory forever.

Take to the sea

2. Take to the land

Spring is a wonderful season in Tasmania’s national parks and reserves.

The east coast’s four national parks and wonderful recreation areas and nature reserves should not be missed at this time of year. Our delicate native wildflowers fill the air with fragrance and sweet new growth is a boon for wildlife. It’s also nesting season, and this is one of the best times of the whole year to see some of Tasmania’s most exquisite native birds. You can explore east coast landscapes at your own pace, join knowledgeable local operators on guided walks, or try a little off road adventure on a mountain bike, 4WD or quad bike experience.

You can read a little more about our National Parks here

Take to the land

3. Take to the air

For an unforgettable, fresh perspective on the east coast, treat yourself to an eagle’s-eye view of the region’s coastline, beaches, forests and rural inland landscapes. Choose from scenic flights, charter flights or helicopter adventures offered by our highly credentialed local operators, and prepare yourself for an incomparable lifelong memory.

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4. Take to the road

A road trip along Tasmania’s east coast been celebrated by Australian Traveller magazine at number two on their list of Australia’s 100 greatest holidays.

This iconic drive touring experience rivals some of the greatest road trips in the nation for incredible views and destinations that will inspire you to stop and stay. East coast roads are also perfect for cycling and bike touring holidays, with long, undulating roads, incredible scenery, a gentle climate, and easy cycling distances between welcoming seaside and rural towns.

Great Eastern Drive

5. Take a friend

Life’s greatest experiences are shared, so whatever you choose to do on Tasmania’s east coast, make sure you share it with the people that matter the most to you. Besides, it just wouldn’t be right to keep experiences this good all to yourself.

Looking out with a friend2

So there you have it—five good things to get you started on your next Tasmanian east coast holiday.

It’s really very simple. Just hop in the car. The east coast will do the rest.

You can see the long list of places on Tasmania’s East Coast here that you may want to reward yourself and discover this Spring.

Until next time, happy spring adventures.


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