Tasmania’s East Coast has the time & place. Do you?

Do you have the time and place to just stop?

Most people don’t need to be convinced that it is important to find the time and place to break out of their everyday routine. But most people find it hard to do. So we thought we’d provide you with a little inspiration.

Here’s a few ways that we like to just stop on Tasmania’s East Coast. But rather than write about it, we thought we’d show you instead.

We hope these images taken by Lisa Kuilenburg inspire you to find the time and place to stop doing what you’re doing so you can do something else that energises and refreshes and makes you smile.


DSC_6501 blog


DSC_6080 post

DSC_6874 copy

DSC_6892 copy

DSC_7007 copy

DSC_7074 copy

DSC_7180 copy 2

DSC_7197 copy




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